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Birr Castle Demesne
Birr, Co. Offaly,

Phone: +353 57 91 20336
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  • Birr Castle Demesne  - Birr castle demesne ireland


Discover Primary Science and Maths

€10.00 per child - A Journey of Pioneering, Adventure & Astronomy


Did you know that over 150 years ago Birr was the silicon valley of the world, if you were a mad scientist, engineer or astronomer Birr was the place to be.

Why – before the days of computer, broadband and smart phones, you had to travel to where the big discoveries were being made, not only did Birr have the biggest telescope in the world, but also had some of the best engineering, mathematical and creative minds.  Everyone from as far away as Australia and Russia, and even Charles Babbage (the inventor of the computer) came and were inspired.

We believe strongly at Birr that by using the past inventions and discoveries of the Parsons’ family, we can captivate our young, so that they can see how science can be fun and is relevant to their lives, and inspire them to continue to study this exciting subject through leaving unto a fulfilling career.




We have just revamped our DPS to make it even more relevant to the curriculum. The revised programme consists of:

  •    A guided tour of the science galleries of Irelands Historic Science Centre.
  •     A visit to the restored telescope in the gardens.
  •        An interactive workshop where the children work in groups to build and launch rockets, make observations and record results. Within the workshops children will be get a chance to work with measurements, angles and distance.   
  • A team game using the rockets to learn about the planets of the solar system.


Length of tour: 2.5 hours.  Admission €10 per student. Suitable for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class.

For Bookings & Further details, please contact our  Educational Officer on 0579120336

Due to the renovation of our Science Centre our D.P.S.M programme will not be on offer until June.




Junior Science Trail

Junior Science Trail at Birr Castle€5.00 per student (self- guiding - includes illustrated work book)

The ‘Junior Science Trail’ covers areas such as light, energy conversion, living things, ecology, classification of substances, and the historic lives and scientific interests of the Parsons family, and is also suitable as a Transition Year activity.

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Horticultural Internship Programme

Horticultural Internship Programme at Birr CastleOver the last fifteen years, over 100 interested horticulturalists have spent a couple of months or longer in the Demesne to gain practical work experience, mostly between the spring and autumn. Some have spent the best part of a year, but most spend a trimester of two or three months.

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For bookings and further information, please contact:

Birr Castle Demesne and Ireland’s Historic Science Centre, Birr, County Offaly, Ireland
Tel: +353 5791 20336, Fax: +353 5791 21583, Email: